Glorious Crafts

Sharing ideas and useful tips for different craft projects


Handmade items are great for adding personality and authenticity to your home.

I love colour and pattern but I also like simplicity.  A lot of my inspirations are drawn from interior style and fabric design.  I enjoy making things that bring a bit of colour and excitement into people’s lives.

“It’s never too late to learn something new.” I always tell myself.  Thanks to my two lovely work colleagues who taught me crochet and cross-stitch about 6 or 7 years ago.  After I had learned the basics, we worked together to make a giant advent calendar which Father Christmas magically filled up with delicious chocolates!  I have enjoyed this hobby ever since.

Being able to create is an empowering experience.  Not only do you get satisfaction and a sense of achievement from the things that you make but also it helps your mind focus on the present which can be quite therapeutic in itself.

Everyone can be creative.  If you think you are not as creative as the others, here is what I will say.  Research shows that new connections can be formed in the brain so you can really improve your creativity by doing more creative work.

I hope some of my projects here will inspire you to start making your own craft that can bring “colour and interest” to your life.  I will also use this blog to share some of the things that inspire me and useful tips or techniques as I find them.

Have fun making!

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