I have wanted to write about making pom poms for some time but just haven’t got round to do it until now.

At the beginning of this year I made this pom pom mobile for a one year old toddler and, judging by his reaction, I think he loved it.


If you haven’t tried making pom poms before, I would really recommend it because not only is it fun, it is also a satisfying experience when you trim the pom pom to the right shape. All you need to make pom poms are just a pair of scissors and some wool yarn. I didn’t use any pom pom makers or card board. Please note that I am not undermining pom pom makers. I think they are fun to use and make the whole experience even more pleasurable. If someone was going to gift a pom pom maker to me, I would be over the moon and would enjoy using it without a doubt. However, if you don’t have a pom pom maker, you can still have fun and make some pom poms. Here are some instructions and images to show you how to make them.

Wrap the wool yarn around your fingers. If you want a bigger pom pom, wrap the wool yarn around four fingers. Wrapping around three fingers will give you a smaller pom pom.

The fullness of the pom pom depends on how many times you wrap the wool yarn around your fingers. To make a full pom pom, I would suggest wrap around at least 50 times. On this occasion I wrapped the wool yarn 70 times around four fingers. Have you also noticed that I have stretched my fingers as I want the pom pom to be a little bigger.

When you get to the desired fullness, cut off the wool yarn and leave the lump of wool yarn aside for later.


Cut a separate string of wool yarn about 20cm long. Try to use the same wool as the pom pom. This way, it will blend in with the pom pom when it is finished and you won’t notice the knots. And then put the lump of wool yarn you left aside on top of the string so that the middle of the lump of wool yarn is sitting on top of the middle of the string.


Carefully tie a knot in the middle of the lump of wool yarn and pull the string on both ends tightly in order to secure the lump of wool yarn. You can turn it around and tie another knot or two on the other side to make it very secure.



Once it is secured, pick it up and cut both end open as in the picture below.


Once both ends are cut open, it should look like the pictures below.



Now this is the fun and addictive bit. In fact it can be so addictive that you can get carried away and trim too much of it. Basically, you just need to trim around the wool, keep turning it and cut out the bits that are sticking out until you get to the desired shape and size.





Told you it’s simple, fun and addictive!

You can make pom poms with different coloured wool yarn. Just use two or even three plain coloured wool yarn and wrap them around your fingers at the same time. Note that if you do it this way, you don’t need to wrap around 50 times because you already double or treble the amount of wool as you would have done with just one colour.

I also made pom poms for my dreamcatchers. Here are some examples of what I made.

Here are some of my handmade dreamcatchers and handwoven wall hangings. These items are all available in my shop. All of my handmade items are unique and no two items are the same.

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I hope the above instructions are useful. Enjoy making loads of pom poms!