Colouring in has been popular for a number of years but it never appealed to me until recently.

It all started from the colouring book that came with Flow Magazine Issue 16 which I discovered by chance at WH Smiths where I was looking for an “inspirational” magazine to read whilst waiting for my train.


It is the illustrations in this coloring book that got me into colouring.


Subsequently it sparked my desire to learn to draw!  Now I have tried it; I realised it’s a great way to relax and unwind especially with a glass of wine on the side!   I am completely absorbed in my own zone when I do colouring.

There are indeed a lot of benefits in this pastime hobby.  I am sure there are numerous literature and articles that will tell you how great colouring in is for you. What I would like to share here is my personal experience of how it benefits me. During the colouring process, my mind is more likely to focus on the colouring itself thus less likely to think about other things, for example worries!

Working with different colours also lifts my moods.  When I finish the colouring, I have something that I can admire and I feel good afterwards.  I really think colouring offers lots of therapeutic benefits at many levels.

However, when it comes to colouring, the illustration is important for me because I can only enjoy the experience if I like the illustration.  If you tried colouring before but didn’t enjoy it, I would encourage you to find illustrations that you like and try again.


I know pursuing a hobby is a luxury for a lot of people; especially if you have a day job as well as children to look after.  I am so lucky that I have all the time I need (that’s only the positive thinking).  In reality, I just try to make the most of what I have and what I don’t have.

We all need time out and it is good to give your mind a break from daily routines and worries.


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