Today I want to write something about drawing.  If you are very good at drawing already then you will probably understand what I mean by the joy of drawing. If you are a beginner like me, I hope the books recommended below will be useful for you. If you are thinking about it but don’t believe you can draw then you must scrap that thought and read on here.

I have lived my life believing that I am hopeless at drawing and would try to avoid it wherever possible.  Only until recently I started to feel it’s not enough for me just to admire other people’s artwork and I wanted to learn to draw and produce my own art.

However, trying to get something suitable for a beginner has actually proven to be more difficult.  Yes there are many drawing books for beginners in the shops but I find them difficult to understand as some of the terminology is alien to me. Only by chance that I came across this book called Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes.

Having flicked through the pages, I knew it’s exactly what I needed.  Despite the book’s title, it is actually suitable for adults.   It covers techniques from basic to a more advanced level.  It explains everything clearly and simply with step by step instructions and exercises.  It also gives a lot of useful tips on how to build your confidence and ideas for inspiration.

According to Mona Brookes it was found that the Monart method has not only improved children’s drawing skills but also helped them in maths, language and problem solving skills, concentration, social skills and self esteem.

Moreover, drawing and painting offers many benefits not only for children but also for adults. Not only it is a medium to express ourselves and our emotions, it also improves our concentration, helps us focus our mind, increase our self esteem and our ability to see the world around us from a different perspective.

Having read the above, if you still don’t feel confident enough to start drawing, maybe you can try colouring in first.  It may help build up your confidence and get you to experience the joy of working with patterns and colours.  I have written another blog about colouring in if you are interested.

Another book I am keen to get for myself is The Big Book of Drawing by Flow. I have read a few issues of Flow magazine and have been impressed with the quality of the content and illustrations so I have no doubt that this book is going to be full of useful tips and inspiration.

When I spoke to my friend recently, she told me that the best way to learn drawing is keep drawing.  Now I have started, I can see a lot of sense in her advice.  Why? Because practice makes perfect.

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