I have recently had the pleasure of making this wallhanging for a newly wed couple. Finding the right artificial flowers f20170311_130305_LLS.jpgor this wallhanging has proven to be a little bit trickier than expected.  I had a look on the internet or shops but could not find exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted something that looks more delicate but those sold individually in the shops or on the internet felt very coarse.  At the end I found the right flowers in the colour that I wanted but they came as a hairband.  I bought it anyway and took all the flowers off the hairband.  They were not very easy to take off as obviously I didn’t want to damage the flowers. Luckily they came off alright.  Having sorted out the flowers, I can then think about what fabric and colour I want to complement the flowers.

Here is how I made it…

I cut a dowel stick to the size that I wanted, tie different lace ribbons onto the dowel stick

20170312_154303.jpg  20170312_154357.jpg  20170312_154420.jpg

I then arranged the flowers loosely on top to make sure I was happy with the arrangement before I stitched them on.   When I was ready to stitch them on, I stitched them on to a ribbon in the same material for the drops to make a cleaner finish and then just placed the ribbon with the flowers on top of the dowel stick and stitch it securely at the back like the picture below.


Of course, you can make something similar in a dreamcatcher form. I have made a couple of videos previously on making a dreamcatcher web.

Next time when you hit the shops and look for a wedding present, why not consider making one of these yourself to remind the special couple of the vows they gave each other and to wish them every happiness in their married life.

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