When I first started making this dreamcatcher, I had absolutely no idea what colour scheme and style I wanted it to be.  It was the materials that inspired me through the process.  I just kept an open mind and went along with it.  It’s sort of an evolving project and that makes it fun.

Here is how the inspiration involved:  I started by wrapping a light grey ribbon around the hoop. Nothing really jumped out at me or inspirational at this point. I left it for a few days and when I came back to it, it just felt right to make the web with a pink ribbon to complement the soft look of the ring. Once these two colours were put together, it was so obvious that it needed different shades of blue to bring them all together.  In order to accentuate the feminine look, I decided to use only lace ribbons instead of using a mixture of wool threads and beads like I normally do.  As to the center of the ring, I didn’t want to introduce another colour so to make it stand out, dark blue again seems very appropriate here.  To make a focal point, I felt it would be right to make a pompom out of some wool yarn to put in the center of the ring to balance the shape and the lines.

And voila, the end result is a complete surprise to me.

Useful tips

  • overlap the ribbon a bit to avoid gaps in between the ribbon around the hoop
  • just stick a few stitches at the end to secure the ribbon in place.
  • making the web is a little trickier. There are so many different variations.  Check out this step-by-step guide  which shows you how to make a basic web with a 6″ ring.

It’s fun to make one.  Check this Make Your Own Dreamcatcher Kit out.  It contains everything you need to make one for yourself.  There are two colour options.


But if you don’t have time, you can buy a bespoke dreamcatcher from my Etsy shop.